Welcome to Camandro!

Hi! Welcome to Camandro, my website!

My name is Luís Henriques. I’ve been a software developer (well, mostly, a kernel hacker) for a few years now.

Camandro will mostly contain technical blog posts.

Enjoy and feel free to Contact me.

Recent Posts

  • 2022-10-01 - Could You Please Tell Me Again How to Configure My OpenWrt?

    Everytime a new OpenWrt release is out, I’ve the same question: How do I upgrade and reconfigure my wireless access point the exact same way it was before? Yeah, it sucks not being able to simply do a sysupgrade or a apt-get dist-upgrade and be done with it. But that’s how it works with OpenWrt: when you upgrade to a major release version, the configuration is gone.

  • 2022-09-30 - FreeBSD on my workstation

    About an year ago I tried to use FreeBSD on my laptop. The installation went just fine, I’ve installed the 13.0 release with encrypted root-on-ZFS. Then I went on configuring everything, getting a graphical window manager, a browser, the email client, etc. Unfortunately, even before I finished all that, I started to see occasional system freezes that would require an hard reboot to recover.

  • 2022-09-25 - Trying Sphinx for Website

    As I said in my previous (and initial!) post, I’m not really happy with Hugo for managing my website and blog. It somewhat does the job and allowed me to finally put Camandro.org online. But if I want to change something, I’ll need to dig into awful css and html code. And… OK, I’ll say it: I hate markdown. There, I’ve said it. Hence, I’ve started looking into Sphinx (look! even the name is cooler!).

  • 2022-09-15 - Initial post and introduction

    Here I am. Finally. After many years of using this camandro.org domain, I’ve finally decided it was time to use it for something other than email. I know personal websites aren’t really trendy these days, nor are blogs. But I’m not trendy myself. But hey! I’ve even joined a social network! I’m on mastodon. Ok, not really a trendy social network, but that’s something.


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